About Blockhaus

As co-builders of the next economy, we set the standard in blockchain property creation and distribution.


Today’s economic model is in peril centralized economic systems create inequality and the economic model provides asynchronous benefits to large corporations with very little benefit going to the end creators of that value.

It is almost impossible for new companies to get a foothold and grow even when they do they fall into similar situations when they are successful, despite often good intentions.

In this uncertain time, in which we depend on a system and the goodwill of a few powerful people the desire for a democratized, liberal, reliable and fair world is growing. A world in which everyone is the creator and owner of their thoughts and their property. This world requires a shift from a centralized into a decentralized world, where everyone has the opportunity to participate directly in a transparent and equal system.

Blockhaus has taken the initiative to stay one step ahead and set the standards by establishing a suite of best practices, frameworks, and tech developments that provide an open, fair, secure, and sustainable methodology for doing business in the blockchain.


Blockhaus combines the strength of the compliant, regulated centralized world with the programmable power of the blockchain into a decentralized  platform that creates blockchain property through Token Generating Events (TGE).

Blockhaus sets the standards for the global blockchain economy that embraces the positive changes it represents while ensuring its participants are afforded the controls and compliance of the centralized ecosystem. In this spirit, Blockhaus leads the way in the evolution of legal, tax and regulatory as well as economic frameworks to ensure that the full potential of blockchain technology can be realized.

Blockhaus achieves this goal with its network of first-class service partners.


  • Build a tokenized ecosystems through blockchain building blocks based on high quality Swiss standards.
  • Become the platform where the creators of the blockchain economy can build sustainable business models for more prosperous decentralized local economies.
  • Help the creators of the next economy pursue their vision by building a community where success can flourish.