Our Community

Blockhaus has partnered with a network of global influencers to drive forward our vision of a decentralized world.

The Blockhaus network of partners and blockchain influencers are a core part of the company’s goal of creating a global community and ecosystem, as well as setting the standard for compliant, regulated distributed economic activity all over the world.

We will continue to be an advocate for world-class decentralization events with the focus on designing standards for crypto property and crypto property generating systems.

In an effort to support the decentralization movement around the world, we are creating a community integrating multiple stakeholders, creating advocacy forums and encouraging new legislation to build a productive support system for decentralization to thrive.

Blockhaus is committed to investing in and supporting the blockchain community and invites proposals from interested parties who have unique solutions to help advance the legal, tax, regulatory and technical aspects of the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockhaus will reserve a portion of its proceeds to finance projects which help create support structures to expand the adoption of blockchain technologies.


MME is the leading legal mind in Switzerland for blockchain and tokenized ecosystems, responsible for the vast majority of all token generation events in CH. MME is an innovative, cutting-edge consulting firm for all legal, tax, and compliance needs. MME represents companies and individuals in all business-related matters. MME partners assist clients with personal and thorough attention – in Switzerland and internationally.
In legal tax compliance, MME provides integrated, comprehensive and interdisciplinary services with speed and efficiency. Each of MME’s key advisors have international experience and develop tailor-made and entrepreneurial solutions jointly with clients. 

Brown Rudnick’s advice is practical and business-driven – not abstract or opaque. And Brown Rudnick’s progressive operating model takes collaboration to a new level – benefitting like-minded clients who want muscular, integrated service, timely delivered.


CTIA (Crypto Token Investment Advisory) is a cryptocurrency investment advisory headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Our marketing teams are based throughout Asia. Our core team and operations base are located in Osaka, Japan. Our key partners are Blockhaus, a Swiss provider of tokenised banking systems and Token Generating Events, and MME, a Swiss consulting firm dealing with legal, tax and compliance needs. Both partners are well known in the cryptocurrency sphere.

CTIA is on a mission to create a safer environment for cryptocurrency investors by being the first company to introduce TGE (Token Generating Event) with the usage of BCP (Blockchain Crypto Property) applied to the Japanese market.


Ariadne developed a FinTech finance and risk management solution built on the open-source smart financial contract standard ACTUS which will impact the FinTech industry on all analytical levels.
Link to company: www.ariadne.swiss and www.linkedin.com/company/10178596/

Centrality’s intelligent technology powers a community of businesses, which grows and shares in the value that is created together. Providing businesses with this service means they can get to market faster, scale quicker, get richer data and create better experiences for their users.

From the creators of SingularDTV’s engineering and conceptualist pioneers, CODEX is a seed founding partner and designer of the Blockhaus CODE Structure (aka: “The SingularDTV CODE”). CODEX is a blockchain engineering and design studio out of Tallinn, Estonia, focused exclusively on the building of the most advanced and cutting-edge “Tokenized Ecosystems”.

SingularX is a decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange built on the Ethereum Blockchain.