Investment Banking


Blockhaus recognises that the regulatory, tax and legal landscape needs to move forward in order to make the most out of the capability the blockchain offers.

Blockhaus is leading the charge to help influence the regulation that is set, develop understanding in governments about the potential for blockchain and how policy should be set.

Blockhaus will continue to take a thought leadership role in the global community developing common understanding, language, research and approaches to maximise the potential of blockchain technology.


• Business Model Evaluation and Consulting

• Token Properties & Token Economics Design

• Development & Implementation of Smart Contract Systems

• Development of Compliant Investor Marketing Materials

• Development of White Papers

• Legal Entity Structuring and Creation (CODE)

• TAX Advice and Structuring

• Trademark and IP Registration

• Global Crypto & Investor Outreach

• Token Sales Mechanic Design and Distribution Planning

• KYC, AML, Audit and Compliance

• Token Sales Network

• Complete Project Management

• Domicile and Local Banking Service

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