Blockhaus Sales Application



ICOs have become a popular class of investment and have generated in excess of $1b in funding in just the last few months alone. But with very few controls on investors, there is a growing concern that responsible investment practices are being followed. Blockhaus takes the ICO down a new path, the Token Generating Event. This structure is designed to produce property that has real value and drive a process that is compliant. The Blockhaus Token Sales Application helps ensure responsible investment practices are followed so that investors and entrepreneurs are protected.


KYC/AML Buyer And Distributor Validation
This application functions in a hybrid mode between blockchain technology and traditional technology to validate a user and link that user to a blockchain account, which they can transact from.

Token Sales Exchange
This is a fully decentralized, customized P2P exchange, that allows only approved investors to participate in approved token purchases. Blockhaus never holds the investors’ currency and the token purchase is completed via a smart contract.

Audit Reporting
All token sales activity is collected and analyzed to understand how the sales process went and who participated.


1. Managed Investor Onboarding
All investors, distributers, founders go through KYC, background, AML, business case, technology checks. Only approved tokens and users can participate.

2. Managed Token Publishing
Tokens can be restricted to certain types of investors, or certain geography’s to comply with local investment controls. 

3. Managed Investor Marketing
Only vetted and approved distributers can promote and sell the token. Commissions paid automatically after audit approval.

4. Audit
Full pre and post sales audit reporting.


1. Users Sign Up With Requested Information
The application asks for the necessary information to complete a validation. This includes validation of email address, cellphone number, govt issued identity documents.

2. Validation Takes Place

  • EMAIL – email is sent to the mailbox and conformation of ownership is required – emails are additionally checked for duplicate usage and any watch list.
  • Phone number – SMS code is sent to the phone number to confirm ownership – phone numbers are additionally checked for duplicate usage and any watch list activity.
  • Govt ID – Government ID is scanned and reviewed using image recognition and machine learning scoring techniques
  • Facial recognition – Images are compared to photo ID to prove ownership biometric performed to avoid bots
  • Name and address – Details are checked against Sanction lists, Crime lists, Insurance , Fraud lists etc.

3. Link To Blockchain
Approved applications are linked to a blockchain address, proof of ownership of this addressed is required by signing a message with their private key, once linked to the KYC profile only this address can be used to transact in the sales application.

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